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Watch Gibrilville’s live performance of ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’ on Glitch Africa

Gibrilville is the latest African artist to make his debut on the live music exhibition platform with a performance of his recent smash hits; ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’.

Ever wondered what ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’ would sound like live? Yes? Well, you’re in luck! Glitch Africa just turned yet another dream of Gibrilville’s sprawling fanbase into a beautiful reality; one that sees the artist alongside the platform’s team of near-perfect musicians, doing what they do best; entertain.

Gibrilville – who took center stage in shades and an eye-catching leopard print – owned the moment with his sweet voice and magnetic energy. In this performance Gibrilville against a misty backdrop of neon lights smoothly captivates viewers with acoustic versions of ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’.

Concerning the now ended session, here’s what the artist had to say: “I felt at home in their studio. The musicians were very friendly and welcoming, and since I had a flight to catch the next day, we put the whole session together in just a few hours”. “We rehearsed the set 3 times and got the work done the same day. I want to say a big thank you to Glitch Africa for giving me the opportunity to work with such talented musicians and hopefully in the future we can end on a happier note and do more collaborations. Allhamdulillah”.

A surging personality thanks to his recent line of releases; ‘Kilodey’ [2021] and ‘Dididaada’ (feat. Wanlov the Kubolor) [2022], Gibrilville has been a very active artist who continues to sow his tuneful style of Afrobeat under the umbrella of Foreign Exchange Records, amid more to come.

If you’re late to the party, Glitch Africa is a Nigerian music-exhibition space which is quickly becoming the continent’s go-to for live sessions of your favorite songs from the artists behind them. It’s an initiative to earmark the rise of the next generation of Afrobeat superstars and content makers.


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