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Texla Tunez Living On Easy Street LOES EP

Album: Texla Tunez – Living On Easy Street (LOES EP)

Fast rising sensational artist “Teslim Okunola Jinadu” popularly known as Texla Tunez resurface after his previous two singles titled Reason and Give It To Me which featured A4J and he stayed behind the scene until now.

He resurfaced back with a new 4-tracks Extended Play project titled “Living On Easy Street (LOES EP)”. The EP started with Tiwa basically talking about an average Nigerian struggle, Gbowolo to Different story featuring Plat Vipez to a heart break song Your Own (Oju Kokòrò), Your own is themed on getting hurt or betrayed by a loved one that you trusted. At this point music is beyond getting blown for him, music is poetry and putting different kinds of our day to day life and different scenarios in music and hopefully it eventually gets to those who need to hear that as music.

Download Track By Track Below:

1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Texla Tunez – Tiwa

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Texla Tunez – Gbowolo

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Texla Tunez Ft. Plat Vipez – Different Story

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Texla Tunez – Your Own (Oju Kokòrò)


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