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CELEBRITY NEWS: Legendary Empire Music Present Launching / Flagship Concert Live In Edo State

Legendary Empire Music Present Launching / Flagship Concert Live In the city of Benin, as Mc Edopikin, Mc Shakara, Lafta Fada, Minister Davvy
Performing Artist: Nikky Starr, Teez, T££z, UTO Entertainer, Oso Richie, Sparklight Aboyee,
Special Guest Of Honors: Prince Fredoo Perry (Celebrity Blogger and Promoter, Pikolo, Offiortor,Hype Empress, Isaac Ejemai.
This event is hosted by Mc Sweet Mouth and OZ
Table For 10 – 200k
Vip – 10k
Regular – 5k
Venue: 2-2 LEM Avenue, Eki-Akenzua Street, Oghobaye quarters ologbo, Benin city
Date: 29-30th March 2024
Red Carpet : 4pm
Concert: 7pm
Proudly Sponsored by
Derek Wine
Avia Samara
Sazy Limited
Cervim Tech Hub
Dailytrendtv Lagos.
Legendary Empire Music, is a record company, based in Benin city, Edo State, at LEM Avenue, Eki-Akenzua Street, Oghobaye quarters ologbo, Benin city, we are actively involved in talent management and production of audio, photography and videography contents
We have several platforms and categories of operations where we take on the circulation and promotion of our works i.e contents and other works or brands which resonate with us among which are :
LEMSEE: This stands for Legendary Empire Music Studio, Entertainment and Events, this is a platform headquartered in our operations head office and handles the production of all contents, circulation in all our platforms and host shows and events for the general public.
LEM Clothing: This is our fashion outfit and a brand which presents and provides our fashion material and outfit in line with our fashion partnership and agreements.
LEM Win Stores: Good use of win and all forms of drinks had been a good traditional practice for human merriment such that Jesus had to perform the first miracle of turning water into win for use of the people to ensure a good party and we are enjoined to continue the good culture forbearing it’s wrong uses.
To this end, we have brought quality,  good taste and specific selection for best purpose use.
LEM ICT: This is a Tech Hub of special distinction, it’s a 21st century ICT hub that simplifies computer technology to applicable problem solving tools.
LEM TV: it’s a live TV channel on YouTube that operates 24hrs airing different works of humanity accepted by our brand and in line with the rights of the content owners.
We are poised to revolutionize the entertainment industry in Nigeria.
Nigeria Stand Up!
Benin city Stand Up!!
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