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T Brixson YDK EP Album Artwork 1

EP: T BRIXSON – YDK (You Don’t Know)

T Brixson, the UK singer songwriter and performing artist with a Nigerian background, invites you to explore his talent, passion, and resilience with his new EP, You Don’t Know (YDK). The EP is out now on all major streaming platforms.

You Don’t Know (YDK) is an EP that reflects the idea that there is more to T Brixson than meets the eye. He has catchy lyrics, smooth melodies, and calming vocals that will captivate you from the first listen. He is influenced by Michael Jackson and The Weekend, but has his own charm.

The EP features four tracks that showcase different aspects of T Brixson’s personality and style. OYM (on your mind) is a song about the irresistible attraction and connection between two lovers. YDK (you don’t know) is a standout track, very sensual and emotional yet very smooth and polished. HTB (how to be), the penultimate track is a song about the quest for self-discovery and identity. And DYK (did you know), the final track reminds us of Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson and In The Night by The Weeknd, which both have a dramatic and emotional tone, with vocals that range from soft to powerful.

So, are you ready to discover the talent, passion, and resilience of T Brixson? Look no further than his new EP, You Don’t Know (YDK).

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