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Gibrilville performs alongside Black Sherif, Amerado and Obaapa Christy at Ghana DJ Awards 2022

Gibrilville joined the likes of Black Sherif, Keche, Obaapa Christy, Amerado and more to
rock the stage of the now-ended Ghana DJ Awards 2022 last week Saturday.
With three singles to show this year – ‘Dididaada’ (feat. Wanluv da Kubolor), ‘Can of
Soda,’ ‘Angels’ – and close to 500,000 streams on Spotify for the former alone,
Gibrilville’s performance at the now-ended Ghana DJ Awards 2022 was one for the
books. He had the hearts of everyone present with just two songs, eventually owning
the stage.

Coming on after the likes of the earlier mentioned artists, Gibrilville still managed to
exceed expectations. The Hip-Hop and Afrobeat artist lit up the Silver Star Tower in
style when tasked to shut down the annual event last week Saturday (November 5).


He inexplicably brought a fresh wave of energy to fans with singles ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Angels’,
mesmerizing the roaring crowd through and through even with what continues to be his
darkest musical chapter yet. And as imagined, the feedback was amazing.

‘Angels’ was released in May and shared Gibrilville’s true-life experiences with all. It not
only highlighted the Foreign Exchange Records star’s tribulations but his encounter with
the devil while paying homage to his late father, Lemin.


It’s a wild fusion of Hip-Hop and
Reggae tied down by English and Pidgin vocals and continues to astonish to this day.
Listen to ‘Angels’ here:
TWITTER: @Gibrilville
INSTAGRAM: @gibrilville
FACEBOOK: Gibrilville

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