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Josephine Jojo Amiegbe Unveiling the Heartbeat Behind the Mic 1

Josephine “Jojo” Amiegbe: Unveiling the Heartbeat Behind the Mic

In the bustling city of Lagos, where life never seems to pause, there’s a voice that resonates through the airwaves, bringing joy, laughter, and a touch of positivity to the daily grind. Josephine Amiegbe, affectionately known as ‘Jojo,’ is the vibrant On Air Personality (OAP) at Urban 96 Lagos, who hosts the ever-popular “Traffic The Urban Drive” from 6 pm to 9 pm. However, there’s much more to her story than just being a radio host.
Born and raised in Lagos, Josephine’s journey to becoming a voice that thousands of listeners connect with started with her childhood love for radio. She fondly recalls her father tuning in to BBC Network Africa and Voice of America, and how battery-powered radios were the lifeline of entertainment during power outages. Those voices from the “electric box” intrigued her, and that fascination laid the foundation for her career path.
Josephine’s path to radio wasn’t a direct one. Conforming to societal norms, she contemplated a career in law but chose to follow her heart instead. After studying Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Benin, her love for radio rekindled. Her twin brother’s unwavering support and optimism fueled her determination, leading her to finally land her first radio gig at Raypower 105.5 FM in 2012.
Her journey wasn’t without challenges. Multiple rejections tested her perseverance, but Josephine’s unyielding passion for radio triumphed. She shared her infectious energy and personality with the audience at Beat 97.9 FM Ibadan for over five years, garnering accolades and nominations along the way, including a proud moment as a nominee for On Air Personality of the Year at the Exquisite Ladies of The Year (ELOY) Awards in 2017.
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Her move to Urban 96 FM in Lagos marked a new chapter, allowing her to share her positivity and enthusiasm with a broader audience. Hosting “Traffic The Urban Drive” and “TOUCHDOWN 10,” she brings not just music but also health tips, pop culture insights, and much-needed laughter to her listeners.
When asked about her unwavering commitment to radio, Josephine’s answer is simple: she loves radio and wants to bring a little brightness to people’s lives. She aims to create an extraordinary listening experience, providing an escape from life’s seriousness and embracing the joy of being alive, healthy, and loved.
Beyond radio, Josephine’s love for voice acting led her to participate in radio dramas and podcasts. Her podcast “Keep It Moving” delves into personal and professional journeys, life in Nigeria, and maintaining a balanced life. She also curates a playlist on Apple Music called ‘BLACKLIST,’ showcasing the latest hits from African artists.
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As an advocate for authenticity in broadcasting, Josephine acknowledges both the greatness and challenges in the industry. She highlights the importance of genuine passion and content over superficial qualities, urging employers to focus on the value a broadcaster brings. She also raises concerns about the quest for celebrity status, encouraging broadcasters to prioritize their audience’s well-being and the impact they create.
Josephine’s journey is far from over. With her podcast endeavors and other secret projects, she promises exciting ventures in the future. As she continues to uplift spirits through the airwaves, Josephine Amiegbe remains an inspiration, proving that authenticity, passion, and a touch of humor can make a significant difference in the lives of many.
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