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La Cave Musik introduces The Nexto Album.

‘Nexto’ was asked to decribe this Album with 7 seven words. He rather chose to describe it in a sentence using 7 words only, and I quote, “People with Guilty Conscience will hate this”. He went on to say, ‘this is an album about Government atrocities, selfish atrocities committed in relationships, unrequited love and harsh emotional realities.

‘One Day’ is the first song on the Nexto Album’s tracklist and serve as a reminder and review of the crime against humanity in Lagos, Nigeria on the 20th October, 2020.

There has been a speedy lapse of memory in the conversations about the evil perpetrated by the soulless political class, at the Lekki toll gate! An event that shook the world!

Vocal delivery in the song had a strong touch of Mbalax fusion which consequently framed the painting. Making a strong statement about Nexto’s conscious artistic prowess.

Nexto, born Efughi Ernest Chinonso is a Nigerian Singer known for his Reggae Soul/R&B vocal blend.

He started out as a Battle Rapper and found himself in the Investigative Journalism world for a bit, before reverting fully into music again.

After his controversial song “Watermelon” went viral, the after effect stirred a ban by the Broadcast commission, pushing Nexto into taking a break from making the music he really wanted.

After his OYORev Studios partner was killed in a boat accident, Nexto made the decision to apportion long hours into Engineering and Producing several other musical acts in the Creative Company. He later moved on to manage affairs in La Cave Musik, where he kicked off arrangements for his debut album self-titled NEXTO.

Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, The Plantashun Boiz, Youssou N’Dour, Dr Alban, Angelique Kodjo, Andre 3000 and The Fugees. The Singer’s new self-titled album NEXTO is a colourful amalgam of Afro Caribbean pastiche and indeed a breath of fresh air in the afro beats space, cutting across different genres from ARABIAN fusion to Dancehall, Alternative fusion and contemporary R&B to mention a few; stroked by a few shades of Pan-Africanism, the singer is not scared to convey vulnerability in Love-like areas and also speak his mind about political issues.

Production credits go to Ebase, X Child, Nexto himself and Magic Boi Beats(powered by Afam MacAustine N.)

The project sees appearances from DMac YSD. Dr Barz and Neatzy on Catwalk, Prayer and Credit Alert respectively.

It’s safe to say that the quality of work put into this project is Next-to-impressive, as most songs from NEXTO (the 15-tracker) will linger in your personal playlists for a very long time.

The Nexto Album will be officially released, 30th September, 2022 on every streaming platform. Highly recommended.



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