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Best of Me

Music: Asheazi Aga – Best Of Me

Asheazi Gift Amos, popularly known as “Asheazi Aga” is a Folk, Soul, RnB, Jazz Singer, Songwriter and a Poet.

She graduated with Art and Humanities Degree from the University of Nasarawa State, won the Best Female Artist of the Year Award at the 2018/2019 Nasarawa Entertainment Industry Awards.

Beyond her quest for fame, Asheazi Aga’s passion and vision is towards advocacy and creativity which has led her to do several jingles on Advocacy for Injustice/Social Justice and for Political Parties too.

Her creativity is fueled and inspired by the likes of Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman, Amy Winehouse and ASA.

Her art is a reminder that we are who we are and change will come. According to her, “Best of Me” is not just a song but a reminder, that inside of us is a fire that needs not to be quenched, it’s a song that speaks to the heart of millions struggling to rise above their status, struggling to fit in where they are meant to stand out. “You are the best of who you are. No one can be you!”.
Happy Birthday Asheazi Aga!!


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