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Happy Days Cover Art

Music: Bubunaé – Happy Days

Bubunaé was born in Accra, Ghana but later moved to Canada where he pursued a solo music career in his town of Windsor, Ontario. He released his first solo song titled ‘Africa is Alone’ in 2014 and that song was well-received by the African youth in different parts of Canada as well as his home country Ghana. Bubunaé’s music catalog is diverse with soul-touching songs such as ‘Conversations’ and inspiring songs such as ‘Walk in the Park.’ It is clear that Bubunaé creates classics that will be relevant for years to come.

In his latest single, ‘Happy Days,’ Bubunaé exhibits his lyrical genius with uplifting verses. This message will definitely resonate deeply with anyone who listens. Powerful lyrics such as, “Your peace within is more priceless than a Pearl. You got to be happy coz life’s just way too short,” see Bubunaé express the need to put your peace of mind first at all times.

This song is sure to get you singing along with its playful chorus and positive message. Inspired by the singer’s philosophy about life, ‘Happy Days’ touches on living life without a care in the world regardless of the issues one might face and just being happy. The song oozes with positive vibes and Bubunaé’s uplifting lyrics and melody will get you dancing. Produced by Decorusbeat – an Accra-based producer, this new song is relatable and catchy and will definitely speak to anyone that listens.

Stream or download ‘Happy Days’ by Bubunaé across all major digital platforms here: 

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