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Peace Onuoha Ventures into Production

Asaba-based actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Peace Onuoha, is on the brink of unveiling her very own movie and entertainment production company. In an exclusive telephone conversation with our correspondent, she shared her excitement about this upcoming venture.
In a candid discussion with the founder and CEO, Onuoha revealed that her longstanding aspiration has been to establish a production company that predominantly employs women. Acknowledging the industry’s prevalent gender bias, where male employees often outnumber female counterparts, she voiced her intent, saying, “I envision a production outfit solely led by women to uplift and empower them.”
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Citing a disparity in the roles women typically assume within the production process, Onuoha is determined to inspire young women to engage in pre and post-production tasks on movie sets. Her mission is to rectify the gender ratio imbalance within the realm of movie production.
“Behind every exceptional film lies a team of skilled professionals who contribute their unique talents to various production aspects. This spans from directors, writers, cinematographers, editors, to production designers. Assembling the right team is pivotal for each film’s triumph, and that is precisely what we aim to provide,” she asserted.
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Onuoha disclosed that the idea of establishing her own production company took root during her university years, long before she became a recognized actress. “When I decided to follow my passion and delve into acting, I was determined to set myself apart and chart a distinctive course in the industry. Launching a production company aligns with my aspirations of owning a business that not only generates employment but also empowers women, particularly millennials.”
As the groundwork is being laid for her venture, Onuoha shared that she is in the process of establishing studios and sealing critical partnerships. These alliances will enable her to offer an array of services and products to prospective clients.
“Our nation, Nigeria, and the broader African continent possess a wealth of distinctive content. This platform I’m creating will streamline global access to premium pre and post-production facilities. Our aim is to provide content creators with convenient and cost-effective access to production tools, eliminating the need to incur exorbitant expenses,” she elaborated.
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Peace Chinasa Onuoha has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in Asaba’s segment of Nollywood. Some of her notable works include movies like “Living in Bondage” (the sequel) in 2018, “After the Burial” in 2019, “Tears Of An Orphan” in 2020, “Full Circle” in 2020, “De Wedding Gift” in 2020, “Follow Your Heart” in 2020, “A Pierced Heart” in 2021, “My Money, My Body” in 2021, “Demand” in 2022, “Last Chance”  in 2023, “Bisola my love” 2023, Royal jealousy” in 2023.
Beyond her acting career, she also leads LP Online Thrift Store, an innovative enterprise based in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. Her latest venture into the world of production holds the promise of empowering women in the cinematic realm and furthering the reach of African storytelling on the global stage.

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