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Majesty Lyn ToT cover

Music: Majesty Lyn – “Things On Things” EP

Majesty Lyn, a rising Afro-Fusion artist has released a 5-track project that captures a range of genres coupled with a broad spectrum of emotions, thoughts, and feelings titled “Things on Things.”

Lyn’s vulnerability is captured in “On You,” a reggae-infused R&B song produced by Toyin Ores, in which she expresses her feelings for her lover. She is heard asserting her prowess as she croons, “put it on you.” A great song to get the party started on a perfect bar date.

“Notice,” produced by TUZI, is the perfect song for Lyns’ drive to succeed and command the attention her incredible talent deserves.

Majesty Lyn pours her emotions into another Toyin Ores produced track “Call Me Back,” a groovy-recapitulating mid-tempo alternative song. She expresses her disappointment to her lover and announces her intention to end the relationship.

“Stop Dancing,” a pop song featuring fellow Jackychan and produced by Psalmist, combines a feel-good, Caribbean-island-party vibe with sensual African melodies.

Majesty Lyn digs up more emotions with “Tenderly,” demanding more trust, respect, and attention. Her vocals, wordings, and melodies are capable of reviving any dormant relationship. The track is produced by Raxx.

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