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Scenes And Vignettes

Mxps Rellington & Lyrical Ogele – Scenes And Vignettes Ep

Riding on the strength of their undeniable chemistry on collabs over the years, Mxps Rellington & Lyrical Ogele have decided to bless us with a joint EP ‘Scenes And Vignettes’.
S&V is a tape laced with profoundly introspective & existential rhymes powered by the duo’s ability on the mic and the EP’s beautiful production handled by Asuzu which gives the tape a sonically rich, cohesive sound and vibe.

The fusion of neo-traditional loops & soulful rhythms interspersed with lush musical interludes strongly sustained by a sound unconstrained by geographical boundaries is just a shadow of what should be anticipated…

Stream and Purchase Scenes And Vignettes Ep via links below;


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