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News: Dj Brytos calls out MC Mbakara for Stealing credit of IronBar’s Discovery

Following the Invitation of Etim Ironbar Bassey an Ex Nigerian Olympics Weightlifter by the Cross River State Government, Media personnae MC Mbakara took to his Social Media handle to celebrate the man’s breakthrough with claims of being the medium through ehich a possibility was reached.

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On seeing the post, Dj Brytos who identifies as the source of IronBar’s spotlight, reacted rather bitterly to how the Social Media Influencer took all the credit and even posted content and cropped out their images and handles… in a bit to be more liberal the long standing DJ and Socialite wrote thus;

“On July 30th, 2022, our journey began with Etim Ironbar Bassey an Ex Nigerian Olympics Weightlifter, who was neglected by the Nigerian Government after his injury ordeal after the Olympics, yet he continued to give his best back to his country through fixing potholes and controlling traffic despite his abandonment in Addo Badore area of Ajah, Lagos State.

Dj Brytos & OcCares had a chit chat with him courtesy of our brand ‘Flair Lifestyle Clothings’ in hope of portraying Mr Etim Bassey Ironbar to the world who has long forgotten him. On August 2nd, 2022, MC Mbakara reached out to us on the hope of expanding this movement of giving more light to Ironbar ordeal. That’s how he (Mc Mbakara) got into the picture.

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Our movement was seen on various news blog across social media platforms, and this caught the eyes of the Super Eagle Ex Captain Ahmed Musa, who benevolently contributed his quote with a lot of encouragement and a financial reward of 500k to Etim Ironbar account.

With months away from this movement, we continuously reach out to Ironbar to find out about his current situation and give support of hope in the best way we can. Few days ago, MC Mbakara reached out to us with a lie that his village people had something for him, enquiring about his number to reach Ironbar, and with no suspicion I gave him. Not knowing, he was reached out by the Cross River State government in the hope of rewarding him with a better position of service.

Throughout this journey, This MC Mbakara has never for once reached out to Ironbar after the video made in August last year, but he was quick to take all glory of Ironbar success to himself. This is MC Mbakara who never had the contact of Ironbar nor inquired about his whereabout but he claimed God is still using him to “do great things”. This is MC Mbakara who after our video with Ironbar went viral, cropped out our name (Dj Brytos & OcCares) after he reposted, never gave us credit even with several interviews made, today he claims it has been his long time dream of helping Etim Ironbar Bassey.

We are excitedly happy and everly grateful to God, that the movement of getting Etim Ironbar Bassey off the street and putting him in a better position which he merited has been fulfilled. All thanks to concerned Nigerians, who one way or the other contributed to this movement by sharing our video which went viral and words of encouragement to do more, we say a big thank you. For MC Mbakara we leave you to God and your conscience, continue with your actions and the world would know who you truly are, a model who only chase clout rather than genuineness in character. On this post, we have all evidence to backup our claim.”…

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