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If you’re a true lover or supporter of Afrobeats music, you’ll go and listen to Tekno’s new album — “The More, The Better”.

Alhaji Tekno has stayed loyal to the sound and culture while also adapting it into fresher forms, WITHOUT DEPARTING FROM THE ROOTS.

THE MORE you listen; THE BETTER it sounds.

You, my gentle reader, need to understand what this new Tekno album means to Afrobeats!!!

Tekno is a key pioneer and he’s back to reset our brains to factory stem while growing fresher shoots from the main stem.

This growth will make the Afrobeats tree advance taller, with a defined crown and to support even more branches — WITHOUT DEPARTING FROM THE ROOTS!

This is coming at a time that many popular albums from Afrobeats artists, or supposed Afrobeats artists, are not 100 percent Afrobeats.

Many of these popular albums are highly packed with Amapiano beats; some are made with less elements of Afrobeats or simply not Afrobeats at all.

For many reasons, some artists have adapted the Afrobeats sound to appeal to a different audience. Some adapted it to fit trends by heavily including the Amapiano sound, for example.

In doing this, they end up almost totally changing the sound and thereby departing from the root and stem of Afrobeats.

Goodnews! Tekno, an Afrobeats pioneer is back with a thirteen track sophomore album with only one feature being Ckay.

Thirteen tracks of vitality! Thirteen tracks of newness and freshness. Thirteen tracks of real Afrobeats!

It’s a rebirth!

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