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News: Lekki Tv Is Proud To Launch The Most Entertaining Online Tv Platform In Africa

The world is evolving, there was a time when free to air was everything and having your television set was the premium service to watch your selected programming at a UHF or VHF frequency, radio was becoming a bit out of place as satellite television came and even evolved the system more with the ability to record your favorite programs. But the growth of technology has not ceased as now, everything and everyone is online, the internet has brought together the largest group all in one place for the first time in human history, everyone can connect to everything in real-time, information travels in nanoseconds.
Speaking with the Managing Director of Lekki TV, Mr. Samuel Oladoye, he said; The world is becoming smaller with the development of internet technology, this is where we come in, even with the power of the internet, the impact of television and
television channels are still required as information on the internet have not been as organized or original as they should, we decided to change that, we believe that we can present our stories, series, shows, music, news, movies and so much more to
the rest of the world right here from Lekki, Lagos in a whole new organized and authentic light.

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The Chairman Dr. John Ayeke explained the reason for choosing the name Lekki TV even though it sounds limiting as though the Online TV was seemingly for the people in Lekki or coverage of things around Lekki and he told us that the name Lekki TV was coined because just like colors, with Purple representing royalty,
Lekki represent Nigeria and her signification, it has been Lagos pride and a place of significant glory for any Lagosian, Thus, we chose a name in that light that would explain that amongst other online television, we are the glory and royalty of the lot.
The Heads of Operation, Miss Candid told our reporters that this brand is focused on developing young talents and producing original content created by the youths of Nigeria, creating jobs for many young people as well as giving them a place to express themselves and fulfill their fullest potential In summary, the Consulting General Manager, Mr. Scott C. Eneje (Co-Founder,
Yandi Nigeria), told us that we can expect great content that would give the competition a run for their money, speaking, he said; knowing that we are still new with so many big names to contend with, the internet is a large space and we are
open to everyone, we believe we would stand out with what we put out there, imagine all the reasons you love television now happening online, a cheaper, easier and faster way to access the best type of infotainment.

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