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shaddy jay art

No Gree 4 Dem by Shaddy Jay now available for downloads // @shaddyjay01

Shaddy Jay is already ready with the 2024 theme Anthem “No Gree 4 Dem”.
The Tigerman produced single is centered around the need to match words with actions for accomplishment of desired expectations.
As usual, Jay came through with the flows and delivery to make this one just another Awesome jam to update playlist with.

Stream and Download No Gree For Dem below;

stream “No Gree 4 Dem”



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  1. I loved even more than you will get done right here. The overall look is nice, and the writing is stylish, but there’s something off about the way you write that makes me think that you should be careful what you say next. I will definitely be back again and again if you protect this hike.

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