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Unveiling The Vibrant Journey Of Chilli Wawaye: Cameroon’s Cultural Torchbearer And Fashion Designer Par Excellence

Chilli Wawaye (Born, Fonyuy Claudette Mbinkar) is one of Cameroon’s renowned folklore artists and cultural ambassador who brings to the limelight irresistible cultural music. Her music is a rare strand of rhythms and melodies called Toh, unique to the people of the Nso Kingdom in the grass field Regions of Cameroon and spiced with influences from across Africa like Miriam Makeba, Ourou Sangare and Angelique Kidjo.

She has represented and valorized the country culturally in several national as well as international stages. She is equally an outstanding fashion designer. They produce party wears, traditional and white wedding dresses, company uniforms and many others. To get her (WAWAYEE) designs, you can visit the shop located at Bali Koumassi, Douala – Opposite Eneo or contact her via the details below.

As an entrepreneur and gender mainstreaming activist she has created a center where Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and the less privileged are empowered through Fashion Designing, Marking and Embroidery; most of which are done using the Toghu Fabrics. So far she has a total of nine (4 boys & 5 girls) people benefiting from the centre.

Her urge to create more opportunities for exposure, mentorship, training & development pushed her to create a platform called “Kintati Arts & Cultural Festival – KACFEST”. Through the platform, the less privileged are boosted to become cultural entrepreneurs predominantly in arts and craft. The first edition of the festival will hold in February 2022 at the National Museum in Yaoundé.

As an artist and cultural ambassador, Chilli Wawaye has recorded countless achievements, won several awards and had numerous recognitions. Some of which are listed below:

• Best Artiste – Bui Music Awards (2015)
• Panafest, (Washington USA, 2017)
• Afrifest (Texas, 2017)
• Concert with Guilou, (Houston USA, 2017)
• Concert with Anie-Azuer (Texas USA, 2017)
• Anniversary of King Sonny Ade (Houston USA, 2017)
• Camsa Association de Cameroun à l’USA (USA, 2017)
• Black et Red Party, with Jean Pierre Essome (Houston, 2017 )
• Festival FOMARIC à Douala (Douala – Cameroon, 2017)
• Festival Bikutsi (Yaoundé – 2017)
• Journée International de paludisme (Yaoundé- Cameroon, 2017)
• National Festival of Arts & Culture – FENAC (Yaoundé 2017)
• National Festival of Arts & Culture – FENAC (Ngaoundéré 2016)
• Anniversaire des femmes de CERAC avec KOFFI OLOMIDE, GEORGES
• (Yaoundé, 2018)
• CEBA, GRACE DECCA… à la Présidence de la République du Cameroun
• (2018)
• Remise des vœux à la 1ère Dame avec ELVIS KEMAYO, GRACE DECCA,
• K-TINO (2019)
• Featured renowned Cameroonian musician and activist Longue-Longue

• Main guest at opening ceremony of Rentree Culturele Nationale ( Yaounde, 2019)
• Guest star at 1st ever Major National Dialogue Gala ( Yaounde, 2019 )

Winner of the African criterium Award.
Recognized as YESUM Yov (Cultural Ambassador)by his Royal Highness the Fon of Nso.
•Chilli Wawaye Live at 2nd International Congress for Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery2022
•Guest at Welcome ceremony of Common wealth president to Cameroon 2022
•Guest at Live Show alongside Henry Dikongue 2022
•Guest at Banquet Gala by DG for Port. 2022
Performed at the Gratitude event by Minac to Brasseries, Chococam & CRTV 2022.

Facebook: Chilli Wawaye
Twitter: Chilli Wawaye
YouTube: Chilli Wawaye
Tel: 653 915 118
Shop Location: Bali Koumassi, Douala – Opposite Eneo

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