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The birth attendants stared in awe as the vagitus sent chills up and down their spine. It wasn’t exactly the hair-raising first cry of a new born baby that stunned the audience but the musical sound in the shrill blast that left everyone breathless. There was no need for a soothsayer to tell that a musical genius was born who better than most, fits perfectly into the cliché that says ‘’I Started Singing in My Mother’s womb’’. That baby is Edgar Ekpagha.

Soon after his birth on November 30th 1954, providence promptly put him on the path to commencing his musical journey, unveiling a strong work ethic and uncompromising professionalism. The artiste started working in different studios and enlisting the expertise of some of the best engineers in the land, building up a catalogue of songs which culminated in the release of his first album in 1993.

His brand new single titled ‘’Money Power’’ has been released and the video premiered and already creating commendable amount of buzz and garnering views on YouTube as well as on all digital platforms. Watch out for Edgar Ekpagha in days, months and years to come as he fulfils his date with destiny.


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