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Audio + Lyrics: Mojee – Show Up ft. Shegun

Mojee expresses a deep longing for God’s presence every time she worships.  The depth of God remains her unavoidable gaze and focus. Started out then in school days singing in the church choir, she now builds a music ministry on what is in itself a lifestyle – worshipping and lifting up Jesus through her voice.Her Latest Body of work is an 8 track album titled “Follow Jesus” featuring acts like Segun, Mary Akano, Brenda Joseph and much More. Follow Jesus is a testament to Mojee deep spiritual awakening and her growth in the gospel music industry.Here is the full length lyrics from one of the single on the album Follow Jesus Titled “Show Up”.



Lyrics – Show Up

For the battered living in fear
The abused one with no where to run
For dem one in need of a friend
Show up LordThe apparent barren with empty arms
The single parent doing all alone
To the lonely in heart and life
Show up PleaseTo the child with a broken home
To that  child without her pa
Be a Dad that she so longs for
Be a Husband to his Ma,
For those held down with no way out
For dem on their sick bed in pain
For those who have been written off
With suicide on their mindShow up Lord!!Theres is much more than all these pain
So much more than the suffering
Light comes in and the darkness fades
Healing after all the hurtHis mighty hand is here to save
With  deliverance and restoration
By the Power that raised Jesus
We are more than conquerorsFor those held down with no way out
For dem on their sick bed in pain
For those who have been written of
With suicide on their mindsThe name of the Lord is a strong Tower
The righteous runneth into it and they are safe
At the mention of the name of Jesus (Jesus)
Sickness bow(Jesus)
Demons tremble (Jesus)
Mountains Crumble (@the name of (Jesus)
Every knee shall bow
And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!Joy for the Joyless
Hope for the Hopeless
Strength for the weary
Peace in our stormShow up Lord
In your Mightiness
Show up Lord
With Your awesome power
King of all, bring deliverance
Set us free..Show up Lord
In your Mightiness
Set us free with your awesome power
Let Your hand bring deliverance
Give us Liberty..

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