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THE SPOTLIGHT With Opportunity Nwa Mbada

THE SPOTLIGHT: The Awesome Media Interview With Sensational Entertainer, Opportunity Nwa Mbada
Today, Nwobodo ThankGod Kingsley, also known as Opportunity Nwa Mbada (Mr One Billion) , a ‘Sensational Entertainer , will be our guest. Opportunity Nwa Mbada is a talented promising singer that sings/raps a wide variety of beautiful and stunning songs.
Opportunity Nwa Mbada talks about how he got started as an artiste, the type of music he makes, his background, record label, and much more in this interview. Enjoy!!!
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JT: Tell us about yourself
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: My name is Nwobodo ThankGod Kingsley, I hail from Enugu state and am the second son out of 5
JT: What inspires you in doing Music?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: I was inspired by my talents and also I have passion for it
JT: We leant you started off doing comedy so How and where did music start for you?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Right from childhood I loved entertaining people, yeah I started with comedy because whenever am in the midst of people I always make them laugh and they all say to me go and do comedy so I decided to give it a try
JT: Were there any doubts within you when you started?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada : Not At all
JT: What was the feeling like, when you recorded your first single?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: I felt very excited and I didn’t believe I did it
JT: What is the biggest obstacle you have encountered journeying the path of music?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Wow hmmm I have but if I give an answer to dis someone will be hurt so let’s skip it for now
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JT: What has been your greatest motivation as a music artist?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: My greatest motivation is the encouragement given to me by my parents most especially my dad even been a pastor he always prays for me and also the support from my fans
JT: You have numerous singles and albums and videos, which song would you say stands out for you as the best?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: All my songs are good, personally the best of all is my last single which is update
JT: That is a monstrous single you got there.. Tell us about “update” what motivated that street anthem?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: The main motive of update is never give up and also help who need help to grow, been it in the street or normal life
JT: Who’s your model in the entertainment industry?
 Opportunity Nwa Mbada: I would love to say Odumodu but I chose Burna boy, Phyno and Olamide
JT: In the next three (3)  years, where do you see yourself in the entertainment industry?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Haa I see myself nominated for the Grammy ooooo
JT: Those in the know say you work very hard, what motivates that working habit?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: It all started from my childhood, my parents will always say am hardworking(all the time
JT: Which artiste in the whole of the world earned your maximum respect and why?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Wow alot but I go for Olamide because of his generosity and good heart towards helping upcoming artists to grow
JT: What has been your relationship with your teaming fans?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: I think I will say my relationship with them is giving them what they want which is good sound.
JT: What advice do you have for rising Musicians?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Do not play with consistency and paying more attention to ur fans
 JT: Is there any project in the works currently?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Yes of course, as an artiste there should always be projects at hand
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JT: You don’t stop to surprise your fans and observers with bangers, what genre of music would you say you do
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Afrobeat, And don’t forget am an indigenous too igbotick lolzzz
JT: We’ve heard you do amazingly on other genres of music as well, rap, trap, Drill and so on, so why Afrobeat?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: I believe that is what represents Nigeria and Africa at large when it comes to music
JT: You’ve had numerous collaborations, what is the experience like, working with other artistes
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: It makes you sit up and also comes up with good songs
JT: So many events you headlined last year. What does it take for a promoter to have you at their event/concerts in 2024
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: For now it only takes you to contact me, that is all for now terms and conditions will be applied for sure
JT: You sound better on every record you make, is there something special you do before you record a new song because omo the bangers many
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: What is in me is already made nothing more to it
JT: Because the rumor out there is that, some people the use soap to get hit tracks o
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Lolzzz one day soap go finish which means no hit tracks again
JT: My team was beginning to ask if there was we would have gotten a cut to make bangers like you as well smiles
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Hahaha if them get the talent na cap na the soap be that
JT: Looking up close, there’s been a lot of reviews especially about your single Update, how does it feels having that record that is buzzing everywhere on the streets
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: It gives me joy and also gives me the courage to continue
JT: Did you always know the record will be so well accepted nationwide?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: I always have the belief in mind that my songs will be heard nationwide
JT: You had a dancehall song Early MoMo that racked over 1.7 million streams on audiomack alone, how come you don’t talk about the numbers?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Lolzzzz have always talked about it but it seems as if am trying to oppress others with the numbers so to avoid hatred in the game I maintain peace…but still I no send person papa oooo am proud of it and don’t forget it is still counting 72
JT: Numbers don’t lie!!
What’s your next body of work called? Can we have a hint
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Am thinking of dropping single, somehow also thinking of an ep, we have not yet concluded but trust me.. Something wavy is coming from me to you
JT: Any last words to your fanbase and people looking up to you?
Opportunity Nwa Mbada: Ok from me to you out there I promise to always come up with something delicious a proper igbo boy me I come to give them anticipate those words that comes after billion!? love you all
We at The Awesome Media want to thank ‘Opportunity Nwa Mbada‘ for giving us this precious moment amidst the hectic schedules, as well as our adoring fans for sticking with us from the beginning to the end of this interview.
You can Contact/follow Opportunity Nwa Mbada for booking and enquiry through:
Instagram: @opportunity_nwambada
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